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  1. Krow36, thanks so much for the insights. Here's a link to my district's 403b/457b page: https://www.philasd.org/benefits/home/403-b-457b-savings-plans/ Here's a link to the individual funds along with expense ratios offered through Valic: https://my.valic.com/ARO/FundPerformance/FundPerformanceFluent.aspx?q=H1W7wtchY+37B09bn5trVN7PvnzW1h/JbP0mix4IieNrHowwlTijjnHbcAz5dgzZA0z6Ci+qbkb5CsBtEve7mQ== I can't seem to find a list of the funds along with expense ratios in a handy sheet for AXA and Lincoln. I'll update once I do. Our 457b providers are the same as our 403b providers. I'm in PA. PA seems to have a state-run option, but it isn't listed on our 457b enrollment form. http://sers.pa.gov/pdf/Deferred_Compensation/DCP-Fee-Comparison.pdf
  2. Hi, I currently have a 403b plan with AXA EQUI-VEST® - 403(b) and AXA Retirement 360. I have about $61,000 in the Equi-vest account and about $12,000 in the Retirement 360 account. Over the last 10 years, I've contributed to the account on and off, but I've completely stopped contributing in October of 2018. If it matters, I'm 32, so retirement isn't exactly around the corner for me. Since I've stopped contributing, I've been maxing out my Roth IRA and have been investing in low-fee index funds through my vanguard account. I'm wondering two things: 1) Aside from the Roth IRA and index funds investments, should I be contributing to a 403b using a less terrible option than AXA? 2) What should I do with the money that I currently have in my AXA account? (I've asked the representative for my account and he's given me the round around about surrender fees.) Unfortunately, my district has discontinued many of the 403b options that have lower fees, and we are left with three options: AIG Retirement Services/Valic (19 bps), AXA (31 bps), Lincoln (25 bps). The district has also started offering 457b plans, but I've never had one. Any advice is appreciated!
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