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  1. My wife is retiring from Cincinnati Public Schools and will be owed a considerable amount for unused sick pay. School officials tell her she has no choice but to allow that money to go into a Voya 403b, through which she may (or may not) be able to freely roll it over to a retirement oriented instrument at TIAA. She would prefer to avoid Voya altogether, because of complex fee structure, lack of clarity about rules on passing money thru to TIAA, etc. My question: shouldn't she be able to take the money owed her directly as income and avoid Voya entirely? Or can a school district and/or union sign a contract with third party like Voyage that forces all employees due a certain benefit to use that company? Ohio law states employees cannot be forced to purchase goods from a third party. But unions can compel employees to do certain things, so the legal question here is perhaps thorny.
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