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  1. Another question.. For the NYS 457b plan it says fees Are $20/year and then an asset-based fee of “3.0 basis points.” What does it mean by basis points? How does that translate to an expense ratio?
  2. I only have the option for 403b or the nys 457 through my district. I currently have a 403b with AXA 😞 so I’m looking to transfer those funds out of that account with the least amount of fees. It was my understanding if I transfer them to a different 403b (ie from the one with AXA to one with Aspire) then I can avoid the fees and penalties. Am I correct in thinking that?
  3. Great I will look at both, thank you!! Right now I’m looking at the Aspire 403b but there’s language that says “these fees include a transfer out fee of $75, a loan application fee of $100, and a distribution fee of $75. Recurring, scheduled distributions (eg installment payments) are subject to a distribution fee of $10 per distribution after the $75 for the first.” does that mean when I go to retire, each time they send me money they are charging me $10? I’m confused by these fees.
  4. Great I will look at both, thank you!!
  5. Okay, i will look into both options. If I get Vanguard added to the list then I could invest there without the extra 0.15% And $40/year that Asprire would add?
  6. Thank you! That’s what I want to do. I attached my 403b options, there’s 3 screenss sorry I couldn’t fit it in one. Thanks again for your help.
  7. I currently have a 403b with AXA and I’m looking to move my money to a different account/company because of the high fees. Does anyone have any advice on the best way to do this? I don’t want to take it out to use it, I just want to put it in a fund with lower fees. I stopped my contributions while I figure this out and my rep tells me there’s a 10% penalty and it’s subject to federal taxes if removed because I’m not 55 or retired (I’m 34). Thank you!
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