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  1. Thank you so much EdLaFave! The information you have given us is exactly what we were searching for. Appreciate the knowledge that this community gives.
  2. Hello everyone, I'm glad I have found this forum! My wife is a k-12 teacher in la porte isd in Texas. We started today in our journey to open a 403b account. To be honest we are more confused than when we started. I hope some of the more knowledge members can give us directions. The questions we have are the following. 1. I countless see people posting their vendors list, we have no idea where to find ours. Do we ask our school HR department? 2. Where do we get the form to create the 403b account and do we submit this before we pick a vendor? 3. Where do we get the forms to deduct payroll for the 403b contributions? I saw an earlier post by user krow36 say that you need a Third Party Administrator for a reduction form, how do you go about picking a Third Party Administrator and are there associated fees. 4. We are hoping to open an account with vanguard or fidelity as suggested by EdLaFave, however these accounts have fees to maintain the account so in the event we have children and my wife leaves work for an extended time can we roll over the accounts to a traditional ira to avoid paying the fees? Any advice would be helpful on this journey.
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