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    I agree with planning for divorce, I'm always on that track. Just wanted to hear your thoughts so I appreciate the feedback. I still l have a large amount of student debt to pay off which is where a good amount of my paycheck goes towards- so right now I'm only investing $3600/ year. As I move over on the pay scale each year, I plan to add to my retirement fund. I'm 29 years old, so I have some time to add to how much I invest a year. Once I get my student debt paid off, I plan to put all that I had going towards my loans into my retirement (which is a good amount). Everything you both have said has been incredible helpful. I am feeling a lot less lost and a lot less anxious. I'm leaning towards investing with Fidelity 403b. Thanks again for all the information. Very helpful! I sent this website out to a couple of schools in my district and I've had quite a but of e-mails some back to me from teachers who said it was extremely eye opening and helpful.
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    Great. Thanks both of you for looking into that. This is all very helpful information and I very much appreciate the help. So my other thought is.. my husband is military and we might be moving around a lot. Which means me working in a lot of different states and districts. Is it better for me to have an IRA instead of a 403 b with all the potential moving around?
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    Thank so much you for the help. I will contact my district tomorrow to stop payments. I live in California and work with Vista Unified School District. Below is the link to my list of vendors. https://www.403bcompare.com/employers/284 Also-how do I know if my district matches anything? I looked into our contract and didn't see anything for 403 b's or 457b's. Should I call them and ask? And if they they don't match anything, should I just put more money into my husbands TSP until we max it out?
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    Hi! I just started a 403 b with AXA a couple of months ago, June 2019. My husband and I started talking more seriously about investing our money and have been doing our best to read up on things and then I came across this website which as been such a big eye opener.... and now my anxiety is kicking in . I went to AXA because they had an "advisor" come to my classroom saying they worked for the District and I trusted that. I am so upset to find out they have such high fees. So I need to start searching for other vendors. I am so new at all of this and my head is spinning with all this information. When looking for a new vendor.. what should exactly should I be looking for in a good vendor? Thanks! -Krystal
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