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  1. Thanks Krow36, this is very helpful. Although I wish I had researched all of this years ago, there's no time like the present to set a new course. I still have a lot to learn, and I will not make any major decisions until further educate myself, but the more I discover the more displeased I am with this 403b.
  2. Hi all, Thanks for the advice. First of all, according to the Voya site the plan is called "665V83 Suffern Central School District 403b"... does that imply we have some sort of customary plan? I cannot find any indication of another name for the plan. I do know the specific funds I'm invested in (two of which are Fidelity funds, so that's promising). I certainly cannot find any information on 403bcompare about that particular plan. My approved vendors list is as follows: Voya, Faculty Services Corp (based here in NY), Forester's/First Investors, Legend Services Corp, Met Life, Security Benefit, Axa, Ameriprise Financial, Aig/Valic/Variable, USAA, and the NY 457 Plan. None of those names jump out at me as being praised for low fees.... I think my next step will be to call the Voya rep. I've met with him before. I will be clear that I only want to know precisely what fees I'm paying. I'm fairly certain I'll end up prioritizing fully funding my Roth IRA each year from here on out. The other question is whether I can/should transfer to another vendor. Thanks again to you both!
  3. Hi all, I'm new to this site, and have come here after listening to the "Teach and Retire Rich" podcast and getting pretty fired up. I'm already loving 403bwise, but I have a lot to learn. Ok, on to my question... I'm looking to up my contributions. I've been teaching for 20 years. I have both a 403b (Voya Financial) and a Roth IRA (Vanguard). I'm trying to decide whether I should put more into my Roth IRA or my 403b. Although my 403b has performed very well, I am having trouble determining what my fees are. If it turns out my fees are high, I'd prefer to lean more heavily on my Roth IRA. I've been looking around on Voya Financial's website, but I can't find specific info about fees. I know I could just make an appointment with a rep to discuss, but I don't feel like fending off the hard sell to up contributions, etc. Anyone know an easier way to find this info, or should I just bite the bullet and call my rep? Thanks!
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