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  1. I decided to go the 457 route since it had the least fees, but now could use a little help deciding on which funds. I was planning on going with the Vanguard Total stock market as my main fund, but the MN 457 doesn't offer it. I am debating on just doing the Target Retirement 2045 fund (which is State Street Funds) or picking and choosing a variety of Vanguard funds (small, mid, large, international, and bonds)? Or even going with Aspire and paying the extra 5 basis points to have access to Vanguard Total Stock Market Fund? Any advice would again be greatly appreciated!

    Investment Performance Report.pdf

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  2. Wow! After doing many hours of research and trying to find knowledgable fellow teachers in the district that can help, a simple post to this forum and a few replies later, I have more information in one spot and an easy to follow plan to get myself on the right track for retirement. I plan on sharing this information with as many teachers as possible! I am going to get my 403b rolled over to a self directed Aspire account (I am free of surrender charges), as well as, setup a 457 to continue the low fee investing. I can't thank you guys enough!!!!!

  3. I currently have Ameriprise and have just started to do a lot of reading and realized that I am paying too much in fees. How difficult is it for layman that has no experience with finances to set up and run a 403b with Aspire on his own? Right now I am paying 1.35% plus $30 a year for RAVA 5 Advantage variable annuity and for an advisor that I haven't seen or heard from in 5 years. I've seen a 5.93% growth in that time. (Is that decent? Seems low for the past 5 years)

    I would like to go on my own, but I don't want to screw up and have it cost me more than fee that I am currently paying. From what I've read it seems like Aspire is my best option from my Vendor list. I asked around a little about adding Vanguard or Fidelity, but I was told it is difficult because they can only have 11 vendors on the list. (Not sure why 11). Here is our district's list of 403b vendors: Any advice, tips, or information would be greatly appreciated. 

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