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  1. krow36, Thank you for your response, I appreciate it! We are considering going Roth to offset our taxable income in retirement from my traditional 401k. I do like Fidelity better, however.
  2. Hello, My wife is a teacher for Vista Unified in the San Diego, CA area, and we have been looking into starting a 403(b) for her. We have been told by our Plan Admin (SchoolsFirst) that if we want to do a Roth 403(b), we need to use Empower. According to 403(b) Compare, the Admin Fee is .16%, and they offer both Fidelity and Vanguard funds. Does anyone have experience with Empower? We are afraid that we are missing some costs. Their fee seems to compare favorably with CalSRTS Pension2, which is .25% (of course, we would have to go traditional to use CalSRTS.) Thanks!
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