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  1. This is really helpful, thanks so much!!
  2. Hi, I'm not a teacher but an employee at a 501(c)(3) nonprofit. Despite our nonprofit status, we use a 401k retirement plan that charges .25% for advisor fees and .25% for admin expenses. I've been thinking about asking if we can switch to a 403(b) plan, but I'm not sure if there's something I'll lose out on if we move away from the 401k. It seems to me that any of the recommended vendors (Aspire, Fidelity, Vanguard) would all have lower fees. In addition, our 401k plan only allows investing into 29 different funds (bond, equity, money mkt), 22 of which are Vanguard funds. Are there other things I should be thinking about besides fees in deciding whether to advocate for a 403(b)? Thanks so much!
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