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  1. Thank you krow36 for your input. Much appreciated.
  2. Thanks for your input. This was exactly what I was thinking. I have already started my contributions to Vanguard, however was leery of switching right now with this yoyo market and all the uncertainties with the global crisis.
  3. Yes and thanks for your input.
  4. My district recently added Vanguard as a provider for our district. I am so excited about it because I have educated myself with the use of many financial podcasts and websites etc. I appreciate your podcast and site for a lot of my knowledge. My question is should I transfer funds from my Equitable account to Vanguard account while the market is down or should I wait? Thanks in advance.
  5. Joining this conversation b/c I have recently been privy to this website and have gained quite the knowledge from the website as well as the podcasts. Thank you. With respect to the market being low right now, would you recommend waiting or continue to transfer funds from AXA account to my newly opened Vanguard 403 account.
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