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  1. Thanks everyone! Will be getting started on all this next week. Will keep everyone posted with the play by play.
  2. Thanks everyone! I am going to start reaching out first thing next week! Will reach out with questions I am sure. Appreciate you all taking the time out to help me, this is great!
  3. Any suggestions to how to go about this?
  4. Really appreciate the responses! Where would I reach out to in order to establish a 457 plan? Additionally, should I continue to contribute to both my 403b with Aspire (once I have it established) and the 457 plan or just the 457 plan? Thanks!
  5. Good Evening, I am a teacher in New York and my school district has 12 options for the 403b. I am currently working with AMERIPRISE but wondering if there might be a better option. Additionally, I am 30 years old, so just starting my investment career. Any information is greatly appreciated. Here are the 403b options available to me... Aspire, Ameriprise, AXA, Faculty, Foresters, MetLife, MetLife FC, Oppenheimer, RiverSource, The Legend, VALIC, Voya Thanks Billy
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