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  1. So I met with my Valic 403B manager. I currently contribute 15% of my bi weekly pay check to this account. We went through every investment and I learned a great deal. No surprise all of the Vanguard investments were super cheap from a fee stand point. But a lot of the the other investments carried higher fees like .86% or .45%. These tended to be actively managed funds. Now my manager assured me that his management fee is a negotiated .45% and that the total cost of all of my individual investments averages out to .31%. so a total of .76% annually. Very much worth the money he assures me 😕 I wanted to drop pretty much all of the investments and have a much leaner, cheaper investment strategy, based off of the suggestions you guys made. IF I DO THAT..he will no longer be able to mange my account. They will not allow me to make changes they don't recommend, and still actively manage my account for me. So that is annoying...What should I do? Just open up a Roth IRA and max that out? Anything else that I can afford to invest at that point I could do through my 403B? If a Roth is post tax money am I losing a great opportunity to grow my portfolio with pre tax contributions? Or I could just manage the 403B myself. How often would I realistically have to make adjustments if I wanted to manage my 403B myself? After I figure this out its on to my rollover IRA and getting the money I have invested out of the super expensive American Balanced C mutual fund and into something cheaper. Currently my money in this IRA is split 50/50 between that and ETFs.
  2. Thanks guys!! I’ll definitely address this issue and get back to you
  3. Thanks for all of the information guys. This is super helpful. I will defintely do my research and make some necessary adjustments. I have a rollover IRA that I have used to pool all of my previous 403Bs. Its run at no cost through Morgan Stanley, the "manager" is a colleague of a good friend. I should say, he isn't taking a commission or charging me a fee to "mange" it. its about a 50/50 split of Vanguard ETFs and American Balanced C fund. After doing research I have concerns about the American Balanced C and its costs. There is also some cash that needs to be invested. Let me know your thoughts. Thanks for all of the help. This is incredible..
  4. Here is my current allocation . Henrico county 403b through valic
  5. Hey tony- I’m 34. I have a choice between a 403b and 457b through valic and that’s it. unfortunately given my salary since moving to Va from Ct I Don’t think I can afford much beyond the Ira annual contribution limit. https://henricocps.aigrs.com/plan-details this link brings you to Plan details for each.
  6. Hey All- so the district I work for only uses Valic. So my only option was 403b or 457b. In my quest to be more more financially literate I stumbled across this site and am amazed. i didn’t think I had to worry about getting hosed so badly as a teacher and owner of a 403b. So I have immediately setup an appointment with my 403b manager to get an exact outline of every fee associated with my investments. does anyone have any suqqestions for certain investments to avoid within my 403b? I am on a quest to streamline all unnecessary fees and costs. What type of investments should I insist on? Low cost index funds? Etfs? also I have a rollover Ira that I have used to pool funds from previous 403b accounts. Does it make sense to just max out my Ira first? IAnd anything else I can afford for retirement I use my 403b?
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