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  1. Thank you all so much for your help. It takes a day for the assets to be moved around within the Valic platform so perhaps I will get today's closing rather than yesterday's. It's assuring to hear that the timing of buying/selling doesn't matter since it's a long-term investment. The world of finance is very complicated but I think I understand a lot more than before where I understood zero 🙂 Thank you guys again for guiding me!
  2. Hi guys! I'm trying to move the assets to Vanguard's VINIX. I finally got out of the Valic's guided portfolio service. Should I move the assets to VINIX now or wait until tomorrow? I think I may be late because it's already almost 5pm ET? Did I have to do it before a certain time? It's my first time doing this so I'm unsure and a bit nervous because I'm trying to move a lump sum of money from other mutual funds into here. I got the analysis picture from finviz.com.
  3. I was watching a documentary series from EBS Korea. EBS is an education broadcasting station. I wish I can post it here but it's in Korean... It was a 5-hour series and covered much history and topics. The documentary covered John Adams and Kaynes vs Hayek and many more. I had to look up the quote and to find out who said it- MLK Jr. of course 🙂 It's so important to learn from history. A finance person from YouTube who recommended the above also suggested BBC's 2008 documentary, "Ascent of Money" (link to episode 1) Perhaps you already watched it 🙂
  4. Thank you MNGopher for sharing your strategy 🙂
  5. I just finished a documentary series on capitalism, and their conclusion about an ideal capitalistic society reflects what you wrote here, Ed 🙂
  6. Thank you both, ScottO and krow36, so much! I had to read and re-read your replies and still need much more practice in calculating and understanding fully, but I didn't want to delay saying how I much I appreciate all your help and thorough teaching. I didn't even know that we had such thing as "standard deduction" haha. I may have more questions after practicing the math, but thank you again, and I hope you guys all enjoy the 4th! Stay safe!!
  7. You are helping me so much, Tony! Thank you for your opinions. They are teaching me how to think financially 🙂 I definitely feel like we'll have higher taxes later in the future with all the federal help given during these unfortunate times. Would you be able to explain to me how much tax I'll be paying maybe like 20 years later if I earned over hypothetically 200k in a pre-tax account?
  8. Thank you for the calculator article. If I'm calculating correctly, I pay 17% in taxes combined state and federal. I basically did monthly tax amt divided by monthly salary amt. And I couldn't figure out the next steps in the calculator... I'm single and I make about 70k/yr. I just looked up 2020 tax bracket and attached it here. Does this mean if I put away (hypothetically) $30,000 in post-tax account, I will be in 12% tax bracket? And does that 10% in tax savings really make that much difference in the long run?
  9. Wow! Thank you, ScottO. It's nice to see the allocation that Vanguard uses for their Target Fund. What do you mean by "100% VINIX looks wild..."? Also, is "$6K/yr" the max for an IRA?
  10. 457 is with Valic. That's the only vendor we have. When I called the advisor today, he told me why I was getting out of the guided service and told me it was low cost. I told him 0.45% was too high of a fee 🙂 He didn't say anything after that. I definitely should ask for them for more diversified options.
  11. I called today to cancel the guided portfolio service. Today ended up being the last day of the 2nd quarter, so I'm hoping that they won't charge me for the 3rd quarter fee. They said it takes 1-3 business days for the cancellation of the service.. Hope it wasn't too late.
  12. My current balance in post-tax 403 account is about 22% of the balance amount I have in pre-tax 457. Which account should I be focusing on more or contributing more? I'm not sure if it will be better to let the bigger snowball grow more (in this case my pre-tax 457) or start focusing on the post tax account?
  13. Wow! Thank you very much for your explanations, Tony and Krow36!! I've been saving into both 457 and 403 since 2007 without knowing anything except that I should save into retirement accounts and a Valic rep was at the school. My pre-tax 457 account has a much bigger savings than my later added post-tax 403. I only added 403 in 2016 because I heard post-tax is better than pre-tax without much research.. I'm 36 years old, and just beginning to understand my Valic quarterly statement. My plans include the 0.21% administration fee and for their Guided Portfolio service, an additional 0.45% management fee, and I will definitely call them and get out of it today. Our district has Teacher Retirement System which draws 6% of our paycheck monthly and pay into our pension. Because of this, I was thinking maybe I can do 100% VINIX like Tony suggested and count on the pension as substitution for bonds/fixed income? For past couple years, I was in "Moderately Conservative" allocation so much of money went into Fixed Interest Option, which is Valic's fixed annuity. Should I keep the annuity or surrender it if there's no fee? Allocation from my last quarter statement: Large Cap 23.07% Small Cap 9.68% Global and Intl Equity 16.65% Fixed Income 50.60% Thank you so much for your help!!
  14. Hello, I'm new here and new to the forum world and heard great things about this forum. What would you do with this savings plan: http://publish.gwinnett.k12.ga.us/gcps/home/public/about/business-and-finance/retirement/content/home/plan/403b-457b-rsp Looking forward to your guidance.
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