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  1. Hello all. I could use some advice on charting a new course. After reading the main site and the threads on this forum, I realized I've been sinking money for the last five years into a variable annuity with Modern Woodmen. I called my district's benefits office this afternoon to stop my automatic pre-tax deductions. The change won't go through until my first paycheck of the new school year in August, so I have a few weeks to make some decisions before the Modern Woodmen rep starts calling me. I know one option is to transfer the funds to a custodial plan with a different vendor. The other approved vendors are: AIG/Valic, Ameriprise, American Funds, Aspire, AXA, Foresters, Great American, MetLife, Reliastar, Security Benefit, and Voya. Neither the district's website nor the third party administrator's site offers any details on plans, instead corraling employees to contact financial advisors. I tried searching the Aspire website directly for my district's plan but was again directed to contact either a financial advisor or the plan sponsor. It's stunning how intentionally obscure this whole process is made! Anyway, I sent the district benefits counselor I talked to earlier a follow-up email, asking for details about Aspire specifically. I also have an IRA with Fidelity that is invested in a target date fund: Fidelity Freedom 2045 (FFFGX). Unfortunately, I haven't contributed to it since rolling it over from a QDRO a few years back. Moving forward, this will definitely be my funding priority, although I still won't be able to max out for the foreseeable future. So considering I already have the Fidelity IRA, does anyone have suggestions for how best to use my 403B funds?
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