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  1. Oh wow, I have never seen so detailed comparison between Roth and traditional, including math, thank you very much! Makes a lot of sense! Thank you guys all for all the points, I am so glad I found this forum. Yeah, it is hard to predict the future, so I think the safest approach is to contribute more to traditional accounts and maybe invest a bit to Roth as well, just in case. By the way, I have discovered an interesting thing about 403b and 457b which I did not know about. Maybe it is a public knowledge here. Some providers allow creating nested brokerage accounts within 403b and 457b which dramatically expand the type of investments allowed in these accounts. They almost become like IRAs, but with much higher contribution limits. Amazing deal in my opinion.
  2. "I would go the 457b route first and foremost". I keep seeing people recommend maxing 457b before 403b. Is it mostly because 457b does not have a 10% penalty for withdrawals before the age 55? Other than that, they look pretty similar to me, am I right?
  3. I am just starting with my 403b and I wonder why everyone keeps advising Roth 403b vs traditional one? Is it because most people expect taxes to go up when we retire? Are there any other reasons? I already have Roth IRA, so I was thinking about opening traditional 403b to tax diversify my accounts. Am I doing it wrong? Thanks!
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