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  1. I keep meaning to call Equitable, but their offices close at 1:30 Pacific due to covid. On the bright side, I just finished my enrollment with Vanguard's 403b. Vanguard Instl Target Ret 2050 Fund is the name. Am I on the right track? If so I will start contributions.
  2. Hello everyone. Quick update and questions... I spoke with a Vanguard rep about rolling over my 403(b) variable annuity from Equitable. The person I spoke to said that when I rollover my 403(b) it will go into a Vanguard IRA. Should I just have the Vanguard Target Retirement Fund IRA and not a separate 403(b)? I thought there was a limit to only $6000 per year for IRA's? The Vanguard person I spoke to said although Vanguard is on the list of approved vendors for my district, that it actually goes through a third party? Does that mean I will not be able to have my pre-tax contributions automatically deducted from my paycheck, like I did with my variable annuity 403(b)? Just a little confused. Thanks!
  3. Honestly, the only way I can make it work it with financial help from my family. Luckily, I am fortunate enough to be in a situation where my family can help. The idea was that I would be able to borrow my down payment from my 403b without interest, up to $50k. I will look into this and get back to you. I will contact a Vanguard retirement advisor and tell them a bit more about my situation. Are there any specific questions that I should be asking the Vanguard advisor?
  4. Currently I have an Equitable Equi-Vest variable annuity 403b plan that I have contributed to for a few years, with about $24k. The plan was to borrow that money from myself for the down payment on my house. I think I should be looking into moving the money elsewhere. Where do you suggest the house down payment money be held? Or are you suggesting that I cash it out and hold it in a savings account? The financial advisor guy was trying to get me to transfer it to National Life Group but I said I wanted to think about it.
  5. I ordered a copy of the updated version of the book. I will try to read it by August in order to get a better understanding of 403b's in general before I restart my contributions with a new plan. I will look into this. I have been in the market for about a year, but have decided to wait until next year to purchase a house. My realtor's advice is to wait until all the government forbearance programs run out and see how the housing market looks then. Between Fidelity and Vanguard, which is more beginner and user friendly, if there is such a measure? I prefer to not have to worry and think about my money too much, but I am also beginning to get interested in investing in stocks and such. Is there an option to satisfy both needs, along with my house purchasing plan?
  6. Hello all. I would like to preface this by saying that I have very little knowledge or understanding of how 403bs work and have been looking online for 403b resources, which led me to this forum. Here is my backstory... I have been teaching for the past 2 years and have been saving up in a Equi-Vest variable annuity 403b that was initially opened through AXA, which is now Equitable? When trying to contact my advisor I eventually found out that she no longer works for the company and I was not notified. When my district sent out an email to set meetings with retirement specialist, I had a meeting with a different advisor that suggested I get out of the Equi-Vest annuity I am in now. He tried signing me up with National Life Group in a plan called LSW SecurePlus Elite 5. I told him that I wanted to do some more research before I made a decision. I had stopped my contributions to my Equi-Vest 403b back in December since I realized I basically had no savings, which I am glad I did. Now I want to restart my contributions, but into a better plan if there is a better one for me. I initially signed into the Equi-Vest annuity because it would allow me to borrow up to $50k from my own savings to purchase a home, which is my MAIN PRIORITY at the moment. It sounded good, I didn't know any better and kinda went with it because I figured it is better to start saving now. My main question is, which of the plans offered by my district is the most advantageous to me and my situation? From lurking around the forum, it seems like Vanguard is the way to go? But I would like to understand why, if that is the case. Also, how can I tell if the guy that was introduced to me by my district is legit? Thank you all in advance!
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