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  1. One other question-- If I understand correctly, both the 457 and the 403 are tax deferred so it lowers my tax burden now, but I will pay taxes on that money when I pull it out in retirement. I am an administrator and my wife is a teacher, so together we are in a higher tax bracket now. So I am selecting the tax deferred options, thinking I will be in a lower tax bracket in retirement. My only hesitancy is that I have heard some suggestions that people diversity their retirement to include some Roth (taxed now but not later) investing as well so not ALL income is taxed in retirement. But I have also heard that suggestion for newer/younger teachers who are in lower income tax brackets now. Does the DCP 457 plan have a Roth option if I did decide to go with a "taxed now but not later" fund, and do you think this is a good idea in my situation? Since you are retired now, did you have some of both (pre and post tax contributions), and how has that worked out for you now? Thanks! Mark
  2. Thank you, krow36. I am envious that you are already at retirement! Great thought about the lower fee and higher performing Large Cap fund. Vanguard is not on the vendor list. Fidelity Security Life Insurance Co is on the list, but I really can't imagine they would charge less than 0.1373% so I am inclined to stick with the DCP 457(b). And yes, I would like to go this route rather than selecting a higher % on the defined contribution because that option is locked in permanently and I want to choose a fairly high amount now--but also want flexibility for life's "curveballs" that may come! Thank you for your comments. They were helpful! Enjoy retirement!
  3. I just changed school districts in Washington state and am choosing to put more money into the Deferred Comp 457b account or the 403b option rather than into my Defined Contribution account, because that account contribution amount is locked in until I leave my current school district; whereas the 457 and the 403 options can be stopped or changed at anytime. The DCP is a 457b is through the state investment board and has very low fees, totaling less than .3%, depending on which fund I choose within the 457. I am assuming those fees are much lower than going with any of the 25+ 403b vendors that are on our district vendor list, but I am not sure. How do I find out the exact fees I would be paying with a 403b account through a vendor? Do I have to contact each one and talk to an advisor? That seems quite cumbersome and time consuming. Can anyone confirm for me that the 457 fees at less than 1/2 of a percent are going to be my best option from a fee standpoint? Also, does anyone have recommendations for which funds I choose within the DCP? See attached file for the historical performance of each account? (I am 48 so I have about 15 years until retirement.) Thank you, Mark
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