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  1. When I began contributing to my 403b years ago, I did so after speaking to and getting advise from the Valic sales rep that was available on location. I was never informed that I had options in vendors, or that I even had the ability to contribute to a deferred compensation 457b plan. I now know better because of ChooseFI. Based on my research, the options that my district provides are not great. My questions for you: 1). Which vendors would be my best options for both my 403b and 457b? List attached (403b compare does not list most of these options on their website) 2). If I did not have the money to maximize my contributions to both, which do you recommend I contribute to (based on fees and expense ratios)? Further, should I contribute to both and split the difference or focus on just one plan? 3) Anything I need to know before making the switch from one vendor to another? Thank you in advance for your help and direction. I am new to all of this and look forward to learning from such a knowledgeable group.
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