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  1. Hello! I am a member of the fb group and decided to come here to say hello and to ask for help here incase there are some of you that only hang out around here. My school district only had AXA Equitable and after about 2 years of pressing they have finally added Vanguard as a 403(b) provider. The onboarding process is finishing up and I'll be making contributions by the end of the month. I've read the Simple Path to Wealth and have learned so much from the 403b Wise FB group. I fully fund my Back Door Roth IRA. Now that I have access to a Vanguard 403(b) I will be maxing that out as well, contributing the full $19,500. My question is, what should I hold in my 403b? I know it is advisable to put bonds in the tax deferred account, but I'm not ready for bonds yet. I am 35 and I feel like I've missed out on time in the market and I have decided to accept that risk for a period of 5 years. In 5 years when I turn 40 I will introduce some bonds. I also don't know how I feel about International yet. Which again, is why i am 100% stock. {I'm learning about TIPS and other bonds which is why I dont have them yett. I want to fully understand them before I commit.} My question is, now that I will be fully funding my 403b, how do I best make up for missing time and limit tax issues. My Roth IRA is 100% VTSAX. I'm wondering if it is dumb to have VTSAX in the 403b as well. What would you do? What would you hold in your 403b?
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