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  1. Ok, I think I will call back and ask about the Admiral class and see if it is available. If so, I will switch over to the VTSAX , etc......... thanks!
  2. SB just called me and spoke to me. I received my plan ID number from them and my account # (which is my SS#). I asked if i needed to send a SRA form to them as well as my HR and they so no....for me to just work with my HR in regards to the SRA form and paycheck deductions. Also, when I filled out my allocations, the SB rep just told me that I wasnt able to get the "admiral" funds with my plan. For instance: So, i put down i wanted VFIAX (admiral)(vanguard 500 index), but i cant get this with my plan she said. instead, i would be getting VFINX (Vanguard 500 Index Fund Investor Shares). So, basically i cant do admiral funds. Can someone help me out with this? I am a little confused and am I still ok ? thanks Curt
  3. honestly, i am not looking for anything from them and would rather not speak to them on the phone. I am attempting to complete Steps #1-4 in regards to setting up my direct invest account. On step #2 (salary reduction form), it asks for a "plan number". I dont know what to put there (ive called my HR and been given a TPA number to call, but of course I didnt get anywhere). I dont want to leave the field blank (see attachment) and fax the form off to SB and they come back and say I need that number or they cant move forward with anything. So that is where I am. On step #3 (incoming funds form), (see attachment), it asks for a account number. I'm not sure what I put here because I dont have an account set up yet?
  4. thanks so much for the security benefits advice. Tried calling them to get some info and of course got disconnected. Will try later. I like this actually: So I'd use 50% VTSAX, 30% VTIAX and 20% VBILX,
  5. Also, on Step #2 (Salary Reduction form) and Step #3 (Incoming Funds form), I don't know what to put for "plan number". My HR person said I would need to contact our counties' 3rd party rep and see if they could give me one. I don't want to do that if its not needed. Should I fax/mail this form to NEA regardless if I have a "plan number" or not? thanks! Curt Step
  6. I completed Steps #1 - 4. As for Step #2 (Salary Reduction Form). I am waiting on my HR person to let me know if I have a "plan number" Step #3 - I think you suggested I wait on completing the "incoming funds request" form until my Direct Invest account is set up. Step #4 - Completed the online DOCUSIGN and picked my Vanguard funds and their percentages. Again, I really appreciate yours and everyone's help. Its hard when I am teaching 6 classes a day and only a 25minute lunch. Its hard to just start filling out PDF forms, faxing, calling reps, calling HR , etc. You just dont have time. Its understandable why most people just dont go through all this because it can become overwhelming.
  7. Thanks Tony! I went through the Steps 1-4. Hopefully I did this correct. 🙂 Step #1 - Please review the Custodial Account Agreement (PDF) and Privacy Statement (PDF) Completed this. Step #2 - Next, you will need to print the Salary Reduction Agreement (PDF) and submit it to your school district's business office. Your school district may require additional paperwork to be completed I have this form completed except for the "plan number". I am waiting on my HR person to get back to me and see what I put here? Step #3 - Step 3: If you have assets with another provider, you may want to transfer them to your new account by completing an Incoming Funds Request and using one of the two options (mail or fax) to submit your document to Security Benefit. I have 2 other 403b companies (Voya Financial & National Life Group). I will wait until my account is set up with Security, start contributing and then submit paperwork to get these transferred over. Correct? Step #4 - Finally, complete the Account Application and use one of the three options (online, mail or fax) Complete the DOCUSIGN online and submitted this. Allocated my 100% Vanguard funds in: VFIAX VTIAX VTSAX VSMAX thanks! Curt
  8. I'm not going to lie.....I am becoming overwhelmed. Called NEA and spoke to a rep. I was told to go here and start paperwork.....i am doing that. On Step 3, I am completing the "incoming funds request" form. On this form, I am getting to this section.... Provide Investment Direction. Please invest the funds (check one):  As indicated on my existing account and the allocations on file.  According to the investment allocations indicated below. Indicate whole percentages totaling 100%. Refer to the Fund Investment Options Sheet (Fund List) available online at www.SecurityBenefit.com on the Forms page. Indicate your investment preferences below using whole percentages totaling 100%. I am not sure where to find the "fund investment options sheet (fund list) sheet. I think it is the one I have attached. If so, I dont see any Vanguard allocation categories. Please assist me here. I am not even sure I am on the correct page. thanks Curt directInvest sheet.pdf
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