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  1. Wow you all are fast! Yes I have read about the direct invest option. I have more of a “fight for all” mindset so I will get the 457 plan added. I saw it was an awesome plan with great expense ratios. thanks so much for the fast replies! - David
  2. New teacher assessing 403b/457 options in Virginia. To my understanding this is my current plan. I am looking to get the most tax deferred money as possible, or at least max out a 457 tax deferred plan for 2021. 1. 9% into VRS hybrid plan (stock fund - S&P 500 index clone). This is the max I can contribute and captures the full employer match. 2. It has been difficult to find 457 choices but I will attached the picture provided by my county website that was under the 403b section. Looking to get the rest of the $19,500 max contribution into a good 457 plan and if possible more into a 403b plan. Hopefully this all makes sense! Any help would be greatly appreciated! David
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