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  1. Thanks for your thoughts everyone. So if I keep the 3% guaranteed interest at Equitable for now as a super safe investment....what specific investment(s) would you all suggest for the money I move to an IRA (from Lincoln)?... Again, it's currently about half in money market and half in a Vanguard retirement target date fund (2025)....about $300,000 all together (at Lincoln). Thanks!
  2. Hi everyone, Thanks for your responses. I have quite a bit of money in a 403b with Equitable. All of the money is currently in a guaranteed interest account (earning 3%) since I'm planning on retiring soon and I don't want to pay the fees for the other products that are offered. I do not pay any fees with this account since it's all in the guaranteed interest and Equitable swears that I'm not paying the 1% mortality fee. I'm still contributing to it, but as I mentioned, I'm planning on retiring in June. I will be 59 and 1/2 in the spring of this year, but I will not need the money from this account (I hope) for a long time. I will not have any surrender fees since I've had this for a long time, and the surrender dates don't restart as you add money. I also have a decent amount in a 457b (7) account with Lincoln Investment (self directed = no management fees). I have 1/2 of the money in a Vanguard Target date retirement fund (yes, I know that's not how it's supposed to work....ugh) and the other half in money market doing nothing....except making me feel safe (and perhaps foolish too). Ok, so what should I do?
  3. I am planning on retiring in June 2021 and am wondering if I should leave my money in my 403b and 457b or do I need to something else? Thx
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