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  1. Krow36 and Tony, Thank you very much for the help! I see my mistake was not understanding that NEA Direct Invest was within Security Benefit. I will make sure to do everything on my own, and I already have VTSAX and VTIAX in my Roth, so that will work out quite nicely. I will start tomorrow! Thanks again for all of your help, this has definitely a big relief. VMK
  2. Hello, I am stuck in a bad 403b (American Fidelity) and I am at a loss as to what I can do about it. My vendor list has nothing but bad options; there are no options like Aspire, Fidelity, Vanguard, etc. that I can switch to. I have contacted my benefits official to see about adding better options for myself and my fellow teachers, but the response I got was that they would add no new vendors. I stopped my contributions months ago and I started and fully funded a Roth IRA instead. My balance in the 403b is about 9k, and I have contacted American Fidelity about my options to transfer/rollover my money into something else, and the answer I got was that without a qualifying event (which I do not have) there is nothing I can do except transfer the money to another company on my approved vendor list (which, as I said, is nothing but bad options). Is there anything I can do to get this money out of there? Do I just have to chalk it up as a lost cause? I do not care about tax/penalty consequences. I can attach my vendor list if needed, and I am in a small school district in Hamilton County, OH. Thank you very much. VMK
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