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  1. Spoke with the AIG rep this morning. Add .39% to every fund for a holding/administration fee. So my question is should I max out 19.5K for the 403B and 457 at 19.5k or should I just invest 40k annually in a brokerage fund with Vanguard SP500 index fund minus the .39%?
  2. I will check the on the admin/management fees on my next conversation with the salesperson & report back to you all. Thank you all again.
  3. I will check the on the admin/management fees on my next conversation with the salesperson & report back to you all.
  4. Reporting back to you all. I spoke with the AIG sales agent today & this is the list of options available to my wife that was emailed to me by the agent. We will probably go with the Vanguard SP500 index fund expense ratio .08 percent. Looks like a great option for her. If there are no hidden fees we will proceed. But I have to do more research. What are you guys thought.
  5. Point well taken. I will report back.
  6. Yes, I did check the website. But it appears to be for California not Georgia. Maybe I’m missing something. I am scheduled to talk with the Insurance salesman or saleswoman on Next week with my wife to see all of the options.
  7. I was with them several years ago prior to me becoming enlightened. I literally drove to the corporate headquarters in Newnan, GA and walked in to cancel my 403b this was about 10 years ago. Although I had to pay a pretty big surrender charge, it was worth it to me. I think they have since moved the corporate Headquarters to Florida.
  8. Thank you all for the insightful comments. Forget to post background info. Wife: State of Georgia: 37 years old teaching for 15 years I am: 38 former teacher (11 years) I will check to see if my wife can contribute to the state 457 plan here in Georgia. Not sure yet. I have been searching but unclear for Georgia. We both max out our Roth IRAs & I was looking to max out both her Roth457b (19.5k)and Roth 403bs (19.5k) Thanks to profit on house sale). I was thinking we could invest almost 80k over next 2 years in her supplemental retirement plans. But the fees and options were appalling. Bc in my former school district we had pretty decent options without all of those junk fees and admin fees. Moreover, I will never invest(I use this term invest very loosely) in an annuity ever again. I hate those products. I got taken early in my career with one. I feel like they are almost the equivalent to a pay day loan for teachers. Rip off! Thank you all again.
  9. Does AIG have any very low cost index funds or ETFs in your district. At my wives school district AIG is the single vendor. I looked on online however I did not see any. The lowest expense ratio I saw was .68. Which is ridiculous to me. Please let me know if anyone has AIG as a single vendor and how did you locate the low cost funds.
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