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  1. Also-this was the response I got from PSERS when I asked. Sound right? I really think when I’ve check my balance the amount was exactly the same. I’ll double check with them. If it’s growing 4% a year and is a solid reliable safe investment, think I should just leave it as a way to diversify our portfolio?
  2. Krow36- Thank you. Who would I call find out if I can go directly to Roth? The 403B company made it sound like I had to go traditional Ira but I don’t understand why. If I could get it straight to my Roth that would be a amazing. Also- I read Vanguard has a 403B option? Could/should I move it to that? Shirley- yes, I was vested. I only have $44k in my PSERS. If I’m allowed to roll it into my Roth, can it be done in 1 transaction? Or only in $6k increments bc of the yearly contribution limit? And who would I call to find options for my PSERS? Thank you all so much. I have come a long way in terms of better understanding investments but I’m really struggling to wrap my head around these for some reason.
  3. After years of neglect, we’ve made decent strides (aka catch up) in our financial future in the past few years but how to handle my old 403b and PSERS has stumped me. I was thrilled to hear about this resource on the Bigger Pockets podcast for 403b’s. The issue: I taught in PA before moving to MN 8 years ago (I haven’t taught since the move). The 403B only has about $10k in it and is with a small company in PA. We have the majority of our other investment accounts at Vanguard. The 403b company said we could roll the $10k into a traditional IRA at vanguard. The problem is we keep our Traditinal IRA’s empty for the occasional year we exceed the income limits on a ROTH so we can do a ROTH conversion (“back door Roth”). I’ve been told adding funds to that account creates a tax headache during the conversion. Know if I can transfer my 403b to a different lower fee 403b company if I no longer teach? Also- I was told my PSERS (PA retirement) just has to sit until retirement. It’s not growing at all. Anyone know of a similar resource to this page where I can get answers on that account? Thanks in advance!!
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