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    Thanks its not the ten year distribution. I’m afraid I don’t know. all I know is that they have hijacked my money on the claim they need it for health insurance premiums. I’m not alone. We are talking about thousands and thousands of CUNY retirees. .
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    I have always wondered how and why TIAA can keep $50,000: of my retirement accumulation in reserve for health insurance premiums. I am a retiree with. CUNY. it does not make sense and seems grossly unjust and maybe illegal that they keep the $50,000 grand until you die. Especially concerning the low GHI senior retirees premiums of approx $5.00 s month or less. I don’t understand how TIAA gets to keep my money until I die when I’m only paying practically nothing for the premium. im just wondering and hope to get some answers before I start complaining to government agencies, like NYS Attorney General etc. Thanks
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