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  1. yes i did have problems with that however i was successful getting the plan number.
  2. ok thank you. just sent the form thru doc sign. so waiting to hear from them. Do they normally send set up info through email or will i probably need to follow up?
  3. haha i want that too. thanks bashdash.
  4. Our Stinks. we have all the bad ones. Thank you so much for the help and advice. i have been listening to your programs on audible. Any thing with this list could work? Voya is the one backed by the district and always around and helping. Ameriprise, security Benefit (NEA Direct invest is one im leaning to.), Valic, Athene, AXA, Franklin Templeton, General American life, GWN marketing, NY life, oppenheimer funds, Plan Member, Horace mann, industrial alliance, Lincoln investment planning, midland national ins, National life group. thats all. Im in Edinburg Texas about 10 miles from the border. We neighbor mcallen where my wife works. I asked our Employee Benefits guy about 2 weeks ago if we could get something with less feels like vanguard, fidelity, aspire, etc.... havent heard back.
  5. awesome thanks. yes Vanguard is on her plan. Not mine tho. different district.
  6. Hi have a quick question. My wife opened a 403b with ameriprise in 2004. we have not been contributing for many years. She left the district and about 5 years later returned to that district. she is opening a vanguard account for next school year. can she move here ameriprise 403b to vanguard? She left her district and paid nothing to ameriprise since before leaving or when she returned. So can she move it to vanguard? thanks guys
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