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  1. We have a 401(a) that our employer match goes in, a mandatory 8% goes into a 403(b) plus another account inside that 403(b) houses any voluntary ee contributions, and we have a 457(b) which is totally employee voluntary. When retirement occurs, we can choose any amount to draw from these plans or move them entirely to an IRA or mutual funds, etc. The "pension plan amount" is not based on earnings. The only thing based on earnings is the 8% that the employee has to put in because we are ss opt-out and the 8% match from the company. Everything else is strictly savings. SS is deducting the entire amount drawn by a former employee to lower the SS she was receiving. She went from drawing $628 a month to only drawing $180 once she started drawing $500 from her transferred investments. This just doesn't seem right and her cancer is back and she needs the money - what can we do? I assume from the large reduction in amount that SS is applying the GPO because she would be effected by the WEP but on a much smaller scale if she was drawing on her own wages.
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