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  1. Thanks to everyone who responded, I guess I really just needed a place to vent :). And, I am sorry for those of you going through the same exact thing in your districts. Steve, thank you for confirming that it would be wise to just leave the 403b alone and to start a Roth IRA.
  2. Hello everyone - A couple years ago, this website was invaluable for me choosing my first 403b plan. I went with Fidelity and am so happy that I did so. I am very happy with them, (despite the current state of the economy). Now I got the memo saying that Fidelity has not signed some third party agreement. I know this was brought up in some other posts, and just wanted to share that it has happened in my school district also. My choices are now all insurance companies.. metlife, axa, aig valic (!) and others like that. I do not want to go with those. So I would like to stay with Fidelity, I guess getting a ROTH ira. I am looking for advice on the easiest way to do this. And I assume I should just leave the 403b I had with Fidelity and not touch it until retirement age... is that right? Thanks for your help, in the past and in advance, -ciaofiore
  3. Thanks, Tony, it helps a lot. I will be going to the business office on Monday. You really helped to break it down in simple steps, not intimidating as I first thought. And yes, hello flower is correct. I'm italian american, but my husband actually chose the name (met him in Italy). Every other male in my family is named Tony, so I could have figured you for a paisan too
  4. Hi everyone - I had posted in the past after having been approached by an AXA rep in the fall/winter. I got good feedback from this forum, but some things came up and I never ended up starting my 403b. So, I welcome some advice again. And what reminded me to get back on track? An AXA rep came back. I guess they are good for reminders, at least. (since they are not good for much else, I have learned thanks to the board). I am now approaching the end of my first year. I work in a NJ high school, and of all the options my employer offers (VALIC, AXA, Lincoln, the other Lincoln, Citi...) Fidelity seems my best bet. I need a little more encouragement now. What is the next step? I am afraid to make the plunge I guess because I am not sure of what I should be setting up. I want to make sure I ask all the right questions, but I dont want to get hooked up with an advisor with fees. I am 26 years old, and as I said, completing my first year of employment EVER. I am married, but my husband just moved here from Europe, will soon be working in construction. So using just my paycheck for retirement planning is the only thing I am concerned about right now. Sorry my question is pretty basic, but the more I try to research, the more confused I get. Point me in the right direction? I appreciate any sound advice. Thanks
  5. Thank you so much for the advice already. I think that a Roth IRA will be my first step. I like how Maurizio put it... one day being a " more sophisticated investor." That's my goal! -Marie
  6. Hello--- I just turned 26, in my first year of public education in NJ. A sales rep from AXA came to the school. I was not very comfortable with it all, but at least it made me start considering my savings. I decided to do some research about retirement funds, etc. I am so glad I found this site. I have read through most of the forums to see if anyone had the same questions as I did. I know more now than I did before, thank you. I am still a little confused about whether to start a 403b at this time. Roth IRA? What would you do? I am recently married, have some student loans, so I cannot save too much monthly. My school has the following providers: AXA Equitable Lincoln Investment Planning, INc. Lincoln Financial Group Citistreet Retirement Services Divisiion/MetLife THe Variable Annuity Life Insurance Company Fidelity Investments From what I have read, it sounds like Fidelity is the way to go, but I am also starting to think that a 403b might not be the best option. Anyway, I just wanted to invite any suggestions, here what others would do in this situation. Where do I begin with it all? Thanks! Marie
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