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  1. I would appreciate any assistance I can get finding sources for: * unbiased consultants to review our current 403(b) and help us introduce another investment sponsor to complement our current provider. We would listen if they strongly encouraged leaving our current vendor. * quality low-fee vendors who offer adminsitrative services (other than a 1-800 number!) * unbiased consultants to offer financial planning advice to our senior staff. We are a $200M 501©3 with 200 employees. No one seems to want our business. Perhaps they perceive all nonprofits as store-front human services organization with no assets? We are not interested in annuities.
  2. Can someone tell me what the earnings breakpoint is for highly compensated employees in a 403(b) for 2003? I want to do a snaps test as of March 1, basing HCE's on 2003 earnings. My discrimination testing book is dated 2001. Thanks.
  3. In response to a few employees questioning whether we have our retirement plans with the "best" investment sponsor, my organization is planning a review. Does anyone have a template or an on-line resource for an RFP for review of an established 403(b) plan and a TDA? If you have completed one recently and could share ballpark costs, that would be very valuable too. We are a private 501© 3 and we have approximately 200 participants. No vendors, please, just benefits managers and plan sponsors! Thanks for your help.
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