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  1. I will retire this year at Age 56 from State Gov't Service and will rollover my employee SERS contributions into a 457(b) plan administered by our Deferred Compensation outfit. Amount transferred will be about $94,000. I need an additional $450 net monthly to supplement my regular monthly annuity. Since the 10% early withdrawal penalty does not apply to 457's, is there a limit on the amount of my annual 457 withdrawal? I also understand that monthly withdrawals are also permitted from a 457(b) account. Is this correct? For months I was researching traditional IRA rollovers and fees and 72(t) withdrawals and Federal Midterm rates to plug into a 72(t) calculator, but now I understand that all this is not necessary. Since I am under age 59.5 and wish to make annual withdrawals, is a 457(b) account still subject to a 72(t) calculation?
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