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  1. Ferret

    Axa Equitable

    You are lucky that you only have 10K w/AXA, by the time we moved my wife's 403(b) to Tiaa Cref it was 65K+ & we still moved it. AXA was a black hole of low returns & high costs - coupled with a useless website. If you are going to do it, don't wait ! I bet you are tired of looking at that 800lb gorilla !!! (AXA web thug ? I'm surprised its not a monkey ! )
  2. Tony My thoughts exactly – I definitely assigned some value to the feel good factor. I would say that they get you good coming and going. Where else could you soak your clients, perform poorly then charge to leave when dissatisfied!!!! I would only transfer this money into another 403(b), I’m keenly aware of the tax consequences of not doing so. Wachovia has a 403(b) – but I’m not up on the fee structure. Kev – Thanks for putting the 1% over 12 yrs into perspective. I need to find out if the 6% is the only cost of separation. I’m thinking I can call AXA and have them supply me with a firm? figure. I’ve been trying to weed through the AXA contract – the process of which has cemented my desire to leave – it seems totally one sided in favor. I don’t like the fact that you can’t find fund performance in real time. For that matter you can’t track their funds in the outside world – even comparing a fund which has a similar name ( they put a EQ in front of the name) you wind up realizing you are falling far short of the returns you could be getting. I wish I could add the link or upload their family of funds (performance) PDF – looks really sad.
  3. I’ve been lurking here for about three months and have bee trying to learn as much as possible about 403(b)s. I would say this site was instrumental in choosing Tiaa-Cref for my wife’s current contributions. The other offerings were dismal. From her previous position, my wife has 50K stuck with AXA (4 yrs of contributions) So the question is whether to stay put and suffer for the remainder of 12 yrs – or to take a 6% hit and stick the proceeds with TIAA or ? I’m leaning towards taking the 3K hit & consolidating with TIAA – or somehow bring the money to Wachovia where I have my Simple & other accounts ( as you can see, I'm big on consolidating) Any input would be greatly appreciated! Thanks Mark
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