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  1. Hi, I am not a fan of loaded funds. I think you can do better with low cost funds if you want to take the and research the funds you want to purchase. I see going with a no load funds as a automatic 5.75 retrun on your money. This is just my opinion. vyork
  2. Hi, Could you include in your new book just not teachers but all school employees. I feel all school employees should know their retiremet benefit options. Your new book would be able to address their needs if you target them. jyork Pacheco School District Redding, California
  3. Good Morning, I am sorry to hear that no one told your wife about her right to stay a CalPERS member, that is generally the case in these matters. You still have a options to fix this damage to your wife's future retirement. I am impressed that someone at your life cycle is thinking about retirement issues. So I want you to give me a call at my work or home. I generally do not give out my telephone numbers, but I feel strongly feel about your case, so here they are (530) 365-1801 ex: 237 or (530) 246-2304. I will need to talk to you on the phone to tell you in detail all of your choices in this matter. I am looking foreword to hear from you. vyork
  4. Hi, About what to do with CalPERS account here is my suggest to you. Is she working for the school district? if so, she should be an active member of CalPERS if not, let the school district know she is a member. If she is a teachershe can make a choice to stay in CalPERS plan or move to STRS plan. There are some benefits by her staying a CalPERS member over becoming a STRS member. Look into both options before rolling money out of CalPERS. Please post back informantion, I will check later to see if you have done so. vyork
  5. Hi, Thanks again for posting to my question on 1099-R. I found the information like you said in Pub. 571. I am going to send it USAA Life today. This is a great place to get information on 403b plans. Thanks, jyork
  6. Hi, I did check with the 403b vender. It was code as a "Rollover Distribution" So can I get them to recode it as a 90-24 transfers, so I do not have to report it on my tax forms. I move it to Vanguard. On my 403b7 statement from Vanguard, calls it a asset transfer. Is USAA Life worng in reporting it as a "Rollover Distirbution?"I sometime think I know more than the people I have to did with in the 403b departments. That is a scary thought. Thanks for all of you help in this matter, vyork
  7. Hi, Here is my question to you all. I moved some funds from one 403b vendor to another. I just got a 1099-R form showing that it was a gross distribution in box one of the form. In box 2b of the form it say "taxable amount not determined" do I need to worry about reporting this 1099-R on my taxs. Or are all 403b vendors required by IRS to send out this form when funds are transfered. Thanks for any help in this matter, jyork
  8. Hi, I just got my School Board to add the CalPERS 457 Plan. I want to know what others opinions are about having the 403b and 457 plans offered to employees at the same time. I hope I did the right thing by pushing for the 457. I would like to hear others opinions on what I did. Thanks, Vyork
  9. vyork

    Calpers 475 Plan

    Hi, My question is how does CalPERS 457 plan compare other plans offer by other vedors. I would like any feed back or suggests. Thanks
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