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  1. Guy

    401k Rollover To 457b

    This is what I thought..Thank You! Guy Guy: What do you feel are the defects of the TSP inasmuch as you are thinking of rollover over your money at the ripe old age of 48? You can't beat the TSP if you are looking for basic asset allocation via Target Date Funds. But I trust you already know that. Joel I have no problem with the TSP, I was looking for a way to withdraw money before age 59-1/2 and not get blasted with the 10% penalty Tax. Guy
  2. Guy

    401k Rollover To 457b

    I seperated from civil service last Dec. the TSP funds are from that. If I roll over TSP to 457b now at age 48, seperate from current job at 58, wouldn't that money be treated as the original TSP rule? Guy
  3. Hello, I am brand new to this forum and am looking for some help. My question is, can I roll my 401k to a 457b and then pull money out without the 10% penalty before age 59 1/2? I am a Federal retiree and have a Thrift savings plan (TSP) which I am told is like a 401k, I started putting money in the TSP in 1985, and I am under the Rederal Retirement System (FERS). I just got a new job that offers a 457b with TIAA CREF. I'm thinking about rolloing over my TSP into the 457b and start taking money out in 10 years, age 58, only if I can do it without incuring the 10% penalty. Is this possible or a pipe dream? thanks, Guy
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