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  1. Thanks Steve, I had heard about morningstar site but I never explored it in-depth. Thanks for informing me. I am sure it will be very helpful to me considering my motivation to learn new things...
  2. Gary, If you are young like me, you can try stock market for short or even long term depending on your risk tolerance level. After investing in 403 b and Roth, I was wondering what to next, so I invested some money in stock market and so far the returns have been about three times that of an average CD. I know this board advises on traditional safe investing and a lot of people would jump to the conclusion that I am trying to time the market and thats fine. Ships are safest in the harbor but thats not what they are made for. You may try it but not after thorough research. I had to watch the market for like three months before jumping in. Timing does matter. Right now most of the stocks are 16% down from their peaks and if we go to recession (may be we already are in recession), then they can further slide about 15%. Once again I know this is the wrong forum to discuss the stocks and this is just my personal opinion.
  3. RKC

    Omni Financial?

    Here goes intruder again with his useless arguments. I love it when he tries to dodge the issue with totally irrelevant points. Keep up your lousy arguments, intruder, so that we can see more bashing of it.
  4. Lesson learned: Overconfidence kills.
  5. Intruder, Sorry for being rude but ricky.bobby is not alone when he says he can't understand a word you say. If you were a teacher, you would be fired within your first year. You seriously do not know how to teach, not to mention your horrible argument skills. Please take some classes in the art of argument.
  6. Steve, I would have joined you but I have parent night that day. May be next time...
  7. RKC

    New Regs

    Intruder, On one hand, you are saying teachers cannot even save $5000 a year. On the other hand, you are saying they have the opportunity to save eight times of that amount. Make up your mind. You seem to be lost in the sea of your useless arguments.
  8. Intruder, I agree with a lot of people on this board that ft6 needs encouragement at this point. What's happening in his school district could happen in any school district next. I find that trend very disturbing. Your posts are ususally very discouraging. Seems like you hate when someone tries to find less costly options. We are normal people, trying to find our way out. I do not think you can help us in any way except giving us a boring lecture about rules. If you cannot encourage us, you have no right to discourage us either.
  9. RKC


    There are a few feature of Roth IRA that I like: 1. You don't have to take the Required Minimum Distribution (RMD) at any stage during your life. 2. You can pass on the entire amount tax-free to your kids or your spouse or heirs. 3. I prefer to pay taxes on pennies today than on pounds tomorrow. Just the RMD feature tempted me to open the Roth IRA first because I feel that with two pension accounts (my wife's too) we might not even need to touch our Roth and 403 (b). That might just be my individual case. People have different opinions about deferring taxes until your retirement vs paying them today so you have to look into your personal situation for that.
  10. Jim, Its a perfect example of breach of trust. Looking at the document, he was indicted for whopping forty five counts of violations. Pretty scary. And he was consistent in committing those crimes too.
  11. Intruder, Pardon me but I was under the impression that it was you who was actually forwarding that idea. Weren't you?
  12. Joe, Just a curiosity about why you had to agree with their decision. Were they right in refusing it? Was Vanguard trying to take an advantage of them? Or Would LAUSD employees become more miserable by having Vanguard than they are right now? LAUSD better have some solid reasons for refusing to take Vanguard. You are right about having Vanguard by other means like Roth IRA but I already have my Roth With TR Price and so far they have been good. May be I can open one more Roth IRA with Vanguard and divide half of my annual contribution between the two.
  13. Steve, Thanks for posting the allocation. It gives me a good idea about the portfolio now. Its pathetic that LAUSD does not recognize Vanguard in their 403 b. That is one of the reasons I have not been able to buy VG funds so far.
  14. Joe, Thanks again. The second page that you referred to is a wealth of information. I think it will take me a few weeks to go through it fully. Some of them are free online books too.
  15. Joe, Thanks for the link. On that page, I found 7 more books that look good to me so I will buy all those too. Thanks again...
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