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    403b Vs 457

    Help! I have been trying to find out info on the 457 plans and so far have struck out. We have a 403 with T.Rowe Price and when I called them, they said they don,t offer a plan for Pa. I called Vanguard and they said their lawyers still had questions about the law. Waddell and Reed told our group no problem but they have a load and I don,t want to go with them. Some schools in my state (Pa.) have been going with Kades-Margolis which I know nothing. Like I said, we have a 403 so do we really need a 457? What can I do with a 457 that I can't with a 403? So far I heard about different types of benefit buy out or buy backs that can be made in 457's but not 403's and if we have both plans then twice as much deductions each year. When we set up our 403, T.Rowe sent a standard form and we went from there. Is there such a form for a 457? How do you set up your 457, what did you have to do, what questions should be asked? If anybody can offer any help or clues to get me started in the right direction, I would be most thankful, JWeb P.S Great Web Page!!
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