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  1. Hi guys, For the record, I don't like poverty either. I've seen lots of it during my travels through Latin America, India, Saudi Arabia, and the South. That said, there is nothing poor about our lifestyle here in South Georgia. When you have very few bills, $25-30k goes a long way in rural / small town America. I realize this lifestyle is a nightmare scenario for many people, but we love it here. Whenever we feel the need, we get in our car and go to Jacksonville or Tallahassee to experience "big city" living. What we've done here is OUR version of FIRE. I write about it because some people formulate their own plan of attack after learning about our FI path. I wish I had know of some of these concepts in my youth! As for people being wasteful or flawed, I disagree with that assessment. I thought I made that clear with: "Look, I’m not here to belittle teachers with financial difficulties, but at the same time I won’t run from the fact that I think: Teaching Is a Gold Mine!" However, teachers (and all other members of the working class) have no chance of financial prosperity if they suffer the combo of high debt and excessive spending. (When I was a younger teacher, I ate out all the time and made many a happy hour. All that money could have made it to my IRA, but nope!) Here in Georgia we just received a $3k raise, but what will it do for most teachers? I bet most of that money will be spent on vacations and restaurant meals instead of savings and investment. (Take a look at the parking lot at your local school. How people afford those vehicles is beyond me.) Look I"m all for teachers (and other workers) getting more money. However, I'm not waiting around for a raise or income equality to take place. I'm all about developing a plan for the here and now. Gerry
  2. I enjoyed the interview. Steve is an unknown hero who will probably never get the credit he deserves. I also experienced the same shock he described when I realized how bad the 403b market was. Unfortunately, it is still bad and will probably continue to be bad for a while to come. You guys let me know when you want me on your podcast...I'd consider it an honor! Once again, great show. Ed
  3. Great news, we always love an increased contribution limit! In 2015 we look forward to hammering our 403b, 457, IRA and HSA accounts to the tune of $102,650.
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