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  1. djr

    457 Service Providers

    Another question, what does bps stand for?
  2. djr

    457 Service Providers

    The offerings for TRP are limited to their Retirement Funds (2005, 2010, etc.) and the T. Rowe Price Retirement Income Fund. These have been around only 3-5 years each, so they don't have an extended history of performance one way or another. They don't have loads or 12b-1 expenses, but the prospectus I have is not clear on things like mortality expenses or surrender charges. They have a chart listing things like "other expenses" and "acquired fund fees and expenses" and "expected offset" but offer almost nothing by way of explanation. Suggestions, anyone?
  3. My employer offers a 457b and has five different service providers to choose from: 1) Great West Life 2) ICMA Retirement Corporation 3) The Hartford 4) T. Rowe Price 5) Valic (part of AIG) What is everyone's opinion on these?
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