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  1. I believe I have found the answer....The product has various class options, depending on which class you opt for there is a different fee. For instance we were placed in class b which charges 1.15% , but with this the 12 year withdrawal charge applies. We can swithch to a class c option with a charge of 1.45% but then there is no withdrawal schedule/charges. Thanks
  2. I have an option to change my 457 deferral from Great West to MetLife. Met life has a withdrawal charge for their program which is based on years from the inception date. It's a 12 year withdrawal schedule. For instance, 9% charge for first year withdrawals and then going down for each year thereafter ending with 0% after the 12 year. With a goverment 457(b) I thought there were no additional charges for withdrawals upon retirement from employment. Can MetLife hit you with this 12 year withdrawal charge even though you have met all other requirements for retirement. Thanks Wayne
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