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    403b Choices

    I am 42 years old and approx . 18 years from retirement. Since 1992 I have invested in a taxed deferred universal annuity through Travelers. In December of 2002 I pulled out of the market due to tremendous loss in my portfolio...I am currently in a fixed account. In review of my portfolio annual fees plus account expenses,would it be wise to roll over my 403b money into an index fund(s) with Vanguard? Should index funds be only PART of my portfolio? ..I do realize I WOULD HAVE TO PAY SURRENDER CHARGES TO GET out of the annuity...Any feedback RE: VG FUND choices would be appreciated..I know I should be back in the market....I also have a ROTH IRA through Travelers that is also a universal annuity (rec. BY MY AGENT ) valued at $6500 that I would also like to roll over to Vanguard. I WANT TO ESTABLISH a low maintenance, low fee 403b that I can invest in with confidence till retirement...is it possible to do this without an agent? Thanks in advance for any feedback........
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