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  1. fred

    Lausd 403b's

    Fidelity is now on board. I've spoken w/them and asked for the materials. It almost sounds to good--including the ability to get into their closed funds through this plan. I'm still w/CalStirs and just rebalanced my funds & of course this cost me some fees. The question is I would only be with one fund but it seems in the long term I would be ahead by not paying the .95 custodial & transfer fees I'm now paying. Also Fidelity doesn't charge fees for buying and selling but of course has fees to try and limit market timers of wich I am not. They told me this has been a long and difficult process w/lausd to get on board. I had to laugh and tell them lausd is all about jumping through hoops! So can we expect to get Vanguard anytime soon? Has anyone looked at the Fidelity deal?
  2. fred


    Thanks for the info. I too like TC. But I'm seeking diversity and better returns at this point. The stirs self managed account gives me access to 3,000 funds. Yes some no loads charge a $34 fee every time you buy or sell but they are very few. I joined Stirs/403b when they opened. However my statements don't add up and why two anyway? I'm always charged more in fees than I recieve in dividends on the Stirs account and my self managed statement shows no fees. They say it's because they are built in. Also when stirs offered Dodge and Cox Stock which I already had for my core acct. in the S/M acct. I had to close it-$34 fee and transfer it to my stirs acct. Only in the Stirs acct. can you dollar cost avg. a plus. I also own Bridgeway for my small cap and Matthews Growth & Income for a china play. All have done extremely well and are now closed. MY question is for example with D&C I pay the fund .54 expense/ratio and Stirs management fee of .95 does this mean I'm paying 1.49 for this fund. Do the other fund families charge a fee on top of their ex/ratios? This week I got stirs and state st. to agree they charge a .95 yearly custodial fee. So I think you can see what I'm getting at here. Thanks
  3. fred


    Is the STIRS 403b/self managed/acct a good deal at .95 yearly fee plus the funds Ex/R a good deal? Do the other funds available charge a management fee also plus the regular funds ex/r.?
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