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  1. I have experienced both TC and DIA first hand and strongly prefer TC. Reasons include: low fees knowledgeable, responsive reps good case studies in their newsletter/magazine fewer, but better fund choices ease of day-to-day tracking and account changes
  2. My husband holds a 403(b) with his employer, and believes that they are eligible to make contributions directly to the plan administrator. I believe that the ONLY way to contribute elective deferals is with a salary reduction agreement. He believes that he can write a check directly to the plan. That sounds too good to be true. Please settle this for us. Publication 571, Section 1, page 3 appears to support my belief, but if there is a way to contribute other than salary reduction via payroll deductions, we'd like to know. Ever heard of such a thing as writing a check to the plan? Thanks, The Spousal Unit
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