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  1. Thank you so much! You are using plenty of terms that I have read over and over and over, but FINALLY, somebody put in a way that is easy to understand. I appreciate the info!
  2. Now, I know this question isn't specifically about 403bs, but my 403b is the vehicle that I will be using to invest in these funds. So I hope that I'm not upsetting anyone with this somewhat off-topic post. What is the difference between a mutual fund that is classified as a Growth Fund and one that is classified as a Value Fund? I've been trying to do some research on getting into some higher risk funds such as Small-Cap stuff and possibly international emerging market stuff. I see the 9-square style box on a lot of funds, but I don't know what the categories mean. The small-caps for Vanguard are broken down into several funds: Small Cap Growth Index Small Cap Index Fund (Blend Fund, I think) Small Cap Value Index Small Cap Tax-Managed (this I have no idea about) Which is better? My wife and I are both 30 years old, so we have a lot of time to invest. We don't have any kids yet, so we have a fair amount of $$$ to put away (at least right now we do.) Thanks for your help!
  3. The definition for eligibility in a Traditional IRA, as far as I can understand says, if neither you nor your spouse participated in a 401(k) or other qualified retirement plan, your contribution will be fully deductible. Now, both my wife and I work in public education in TX and we contribute to our 403bs. Question 1: Can we contribute to a traditional IRA as well and deduct those contributions? Or does the 403 negate our ability to deduct the IRA contributions? Question 2: We are not maxed out on the 403bs, so would there be ANY POINT in having an IRA if we could still add more to the 403s? And Question 3: Can we open as many funds as we like within the 403b contributions as long as we don't max out? Say, for whatever reason we wanted to completely diversify. Could we contribute to 35 different funds under the 403b umbrella? Thanks for your help!
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