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  1. HI All, I have made the mistake of investing in a VA in my 403 b. Can anyone tell me what the first step is to transfering out of a Valic variable annuity into a Fidelity account? I am so disappointed with the performance of the funds in that acct. I figure that I should just take the 5% hit now and get out-cut my losses! It does no good to cry over spilt milk; but what a pity that I did not find this website and do my homework earlier. I am spreading the word to teachers in my community! Thanks for any input on doing this transfer.
  2. Hi, I have been a teacher for 11 years and a single mom for 7. I have just this year found my way clear to start my 403b. There was little information available to us and I happened to have a friend who sold variable annuities. I went with that vehicle and invested 12% of my income this year. I now feel, after reading many of the posts here, like I have chosen the wrong place for my $. Can anyone suggest the best way to proceed? I obviously want to be in the best place for growth over the 19 years I have left before retirement. Is the 90-24 an option for me? Should I wait out the 5 year "surrender" fee, or just bail out into a custodial acct. now? Help........Please!
  3. Hi, I have just found your website and it seems I may have come a little late . I have begun a 403b account this year with a variable annuity (AIG_VALIC). I have invested $5,500 and plan to invest as much more as possible this year and the years to come. I now realize, even though I am happy to be finally investing, I may have indeed put my money in the wrong vehicle. The annuity vs. the custodial acct. Can anyone suggest the best thing for me to do going forward? Thanks, LRR
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