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  1. I have done independent contracting with a hospital for greater than 10 years on a fee for service model. Recently I was asked whether I would be interested in putting my pay in a 457 account deferring payment until later and not receive a separate paycheck a couple times a year as I do now. One of the things mentioned was that I may be asked to wait for a "vesting" period of 5 - 10 years with the 457. My earnings are around the $15500 range but may look to expand to greater in the next few years. One of my questions is the idea of this "vesting" period. Is that a standard or common thing with these accounts? What real advantages would a 457 account have for me as I have already maxed my 15% retirement account? What benefit does this have to the hospital rather than giving me a paycheck as they do now? I appreciate the education.
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