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  1. LOL, Don't feel Bad!! If you gave a list of 403 B questions to the same teachers teaching these kids the results would be more severe.. 10%-25%.. I would love to see some of the responses to some 403 B essay questions. "Most would start with.... let me call my guy" or "After talking to my guy"" LOL.. thanks
  2. Ok, Well, I'm a 27 y/o teacher and have been contributing to a 403B for 4 years in primary growth mutual funds. Luckily enough a friend who was aware of the Ins. SCAMMS warned me and got me into No-Load mutual funds with less than 1% expense ratios. I am currently just started my fifth year with a 403B and have about $15,000 already saved. Next fall, I will begin to max my roth IRA and cut back on 403 B investments. Thanks all for responding.. mmcwenie- I do not believe teachers can utilize a traditional IRA??
  3. Should I max out my 403B then contribute to my Roth? or Roth First then 403 B? thanks
  4. I never said anything, I wanted to watch and ask around!!! Thanks
  5. For a year or so, I have been watching my Fidelity account bi-weekly transactions. I have notice that each week that my deposits are made, Fidelity will purchase the shares on the highest prices of the first, two , sometimes three days (everytime). My District electronically transfers the money and should be received the same day each week. But fidelity will purchase the shares when they see fit. Ex. (April 4-8)Money was sent Friday, received Monday, No shares purchased Monday, Non purchased Tuesday, Wed. Morning Shares purchased at Mondays Prices. Ex. In the past, The market was down big Mon. & Tues., shares purchased on Wed on a Ups######. Please take notice of this, if you use fidelity, it is really consistent. Are there any laws prohibitting this? or Is this just another example of being a tiny, tiny fish in a large ocean? Thanks
  6. If you not in bed with the Politics of Kick-Backs,, you Don't stand a chance. LOL... No but serious, the best avenue is to avoid Admin & SB. Try to get teachers to smarten up and realize the difference, but Im sure your company charges fees as well, so its a tough case to push. Again your back is against wall. Good Luck!!!
  7. How does this forum feel about Janus and fidelity funds?? (no load of course??)) Thanks
  8. Our district is starting a roth 403 B plan. Is there any way to roll over a traditonal into this roth program..??? Any help would be greatly appreciated!!..
  9. Stout_Ace

    New Regs

    Is it possible that the new regulations are to assist the mutual fund companies to locking us in and raising fees and expenses? What other options will we have? If they change the fees, we will have no roll over options that are cost worthy?? Let me know what u think???
  10. SO the entire 135,000 is taxed in portions at 10%, 15%, 25% and 28%,, amounts varying
  11. 403 B Forum, Suppose my wife and I make $135,000 filing jointly. The tax bracket puts us in the 28% bracket. If we put $10,000 into a 403 B account. Does it change our taxable income to $125,000 (putting us in the 25% tax bracket) or are our taxes based solely on our over all income? Essentially this would put a free $4,050 into our account for doing nothing but adjusting our income level.(The 3% in federal tax savings, from 28%-25%) Is this correct? Thanks Stout Man
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