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  1. I misspoke in my original e-mail. Her termination date was the same as the pay period ending date - June 26th, 2004. The actual pay date was July 1st, 2004.
  2. My wife quit her job last month and her termination date was 6/25/04. She got paid every two weeks, and the pay period always ended on a Saturday date, so the pay period for her last check was 6/26/04. When she got her check in the mail, the company hadn't taken out her 403-b contribution nor did it give her the company match, even though she worked for the 2 week pay period that the check covered. When she contacted HR, they said because the check was cut with a pay period ending date of 6/26/04 and her last day was 6/25/04, that's why she didn't get her 403-b contribution taken from her pay nor the company match. Can they legally do that? We've had some problems in the past with this employer and illegal 403-b practices, so I'm wondering if they are up to it again. Any information anyone can provide would be most helpful. Thanks.
  3. Thanks Dan (and others who have replied). Let me update you on where we stand. First, we tried to get information from the third party administrator, who told us to talk to the VP of Finance, who is the trustee of the 403-b plan. E-mails to him were ignored, so my wife and I finally met with him, and he seemed very uninterested in the whole thing. He asked for documentation (which I have LOTS of) so we provided that. He met with the third party administrator of the plan, and my wife has e-mailed him for an update, but he has ignored her e-mail. HR has done the same thing. We did contact the DOL, but they didn't seem to care. They did call the VP of finance, but still didn't seem like they wanted to pursue anything, at least that's the impression we got. as for the lost shares/negative dividends, we were first told by a rep. of the adminstrator of the plan that it was admin. fees we couldn't see, but then the HR director told my wife that she contacted the president of the administrator of the plan and that there are no admin. fees. It can't be sales fees, because shares have "disappeared" even when no purchases have been made. They also charged a premium on one of the funds for about 7 months, but when we inquired about why, it all of a sudden went back to being the right price. We never got any explanation as to why the NAV price for purchased shares was higher than it should have been. We've tried to contact the media, but they seem uninterested too. I'm at a loss of what to do.
  4. if anyone can provide some information, I would most certainly appreciate it. My wife has a 403-b plan, and several things are occurring: * untimely depositing of her contributions * lost shares (fractional shares disappearing) * negative dividends we've contacted the dept. of Labor, spoke with the VP of Finance at her company, and no one seems to care. We've been trying to get answers for four months. anyone have any suggestions on what to do next?
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