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  1. If you are lookin' to whine...then you certainly have found the right board. I heard they start offering cheese along with the investment "advice" they offer here!
  2. WOW! I guess we can all assume that the nickel slots and $1 tables will be full that week! And, Gee! How I wish I were going! Just imagining the look on the strippers faces when the "low-fee" vanguard diehards try to slip their pennies (saved from the low expenses) in their thongs make my heart leap with delight! Can I go! Can I go! Can I pleeeeeeease go!
  3. actually, i am getting quite aroused on this end! i like the rough talk!
  4. are we getting paranoid or what?!?!?!? c'mon, thats the craziest thing you've said so far. the next thing you'll say is that you heard TSA reps are adopting numerous immigrant children and making sure they enroll them at a variety of schools just so they can have more teacher contacts! like tri said, whats the point of your question...other than trying to come up with another disolution about anyone else except TC!
  5. pathfinder


    i think you both need to get a room and hash this stuff out....or propose already. you both sound like a married couple:<)
  6. OH MY, say it aint so. The mighty at TC may be taking some falls. i guess fraud can be found most anywhere! cutting and pasting for your pleasure! AP TIAA-CREF's CFO May Face SEC Charges Tuesday May 10, 6:36 pm ET TIAA-CREF's CFO May Face SEC Charges Over Former Job at Berkshire Hathaway Insurance Company NEW YORK (AP) -- Pension-fund giant TIAA-CREF Tuesday said its chief financial officer, Elizabeth Monrad, is taking an unpaid leave of absence after receiving word from regulators that she may face charges over her previous work at one of Berkshire Hathaway Inc.'s insurance companies. Monrad, who asked for the leave, received a so-called Wells notice from the Securities and Exchange Commission, a sign that she will likely face charges she violated securities law. Monrad couldn't immediately be reached for comment. Monrad was the CFO of General Reinsurance Corp., which is under investigation over a possibly improper transaction with American International Group Inc. Monrad joined TIAA-CREF, best known for handling pensions and insurance for teachers, as executive vice president and CFO in June 2003. Before that, regulators believe she and a current General Re executive, Richard Napier, took part in a 2000 meeting with AIG officials that ultimately led to the reinsurance transaction being investigated by the SEC. Regulators contend the transaction, dealing with what's known as finite-risk reinsurance, was accounted for improperly. The investigation has already touched some of the biggest names in finance, contributing to the March resignation of longtime AIG chief Maurice R. "Hank" Greenberg and the questioning of Berkshire Chairman Warren Buffett. Regulators have said Buffett is a witness, not a target, in the investigation. On Friday, Berkshire announced that a current, unnamed executive had received another Wells notice. Berkshire has maintained that its officials have cooperated fully with investigators from the SEC, the Department of Justice and the attorneys general of New York and Virginia. TIAA-CREF is known as a fairly active and vocal investor which pushes its portfolio companies to improve their governance and accounting practices. The announcement that Monrad was taking her leave came less than a week after an outside investigator cited a number of missteps in its handling of conflicts of interest between members of its own board and its former outside auditor, Ernst & Young. That report, which also called for a revamping of TIAA-CREF's own governance structure, was unrelated to Monrad's leave. TIAA-CREF said it had named Russell Noles acting CFO. Noles previously was in charge of TIAA-CREF's internal audit.
  7. gee joel, i believe once you get pastviewing life through your "blue tinted" TC glasses, you may be able to see other issues at hand....... 1. her husbands rep no longer works for the company OR 2. the new rep was never made aware of her husbands death please dont jump on your wagon and tell me that if she was with TC, her "advisor" (albeit, an 800 number), would have called upon her. again, all knowing joel, help her with her issues, not spout off to her what you say in every post in here.
  8. joel, i sat back and waited and i knew if i waited long enough, you would start your ranting about overpriced and overpaid advisors. do us and her a favor and address her questions and needs. i think it is in poor taste that you turn her unfortunate demise into another witch hunt for you. just answer her questions and shut the H*** up! not everything in here is about you. get over yourself. greenhope, let me be the first to apologize for joel's insensitivity. i realize you may think his words to you are sincere (and maybe they are), but his goal on this site is to turn every question and scenario into a stage for him to espouse his beliefs. i wish you the very best and hope that you found some of the things you read on here assist you with your situation.
  9. on the contrary "uptown" joel....I am expecting you to post a link leading to the excel spreadsheet you used to calculate the monies lost from investors who do not use TC;<) then following that link will be another link directing people to your own dissertation on the spreadsheet. I find myself at this point anxiously awaiting your post.
  10. french, i assure you that by the end of all this discussion, mr "uptown" will certainly disclose to us once and for all that there was a 403b contingent behind the grassy knoll the day kennedy was s.
  11. I agree with all of you when in stating that the prospectuses need to be written better, but to ask firms/funds to incorporate into their prospectuses the amount they spend on advertising and testimonials would be absurd. Also, French brings up a good point. How many advertisements in magazines have we seen touting TC and the statements people make about them. I remember seeing at least 5 of them...sesame street, professors, educators, and many colleges. In the fne print, you will read that TC has made a donation/contribution to that persons' college or organization. With that being said, people in glass houses should not throw stones. TC should not be absent from any of these innane questions. Unless they write it into their prospectuses. Do they TC lovers? show me!
  12. hhhmmmmmmmmmmmm, i guess when i am buying my carton of milk this weekend, rather than complain about the expiration date, i SHOULD be concerned with how much that milk would really be if i knew how much the total cost went to packaging, advertisments, that sticky paper thing on the front, the little blue cap (that costs me a nickel right there!), and of course the designers who make the little plastic handle a part of the jug. of course i am also leaving out the therapy that must be paid for for the cows under duress and the guys who clean up after the cows, but that's neither here nor there. thanks sierra for making me look at the bigger picture in purchases. you just may find me shoving my 18 month old under the udder of a cow and tell him to "suck boy"...daddy needs to get around these ridiculous, high priced additives that add to the cost. you are saving me at least $6 a week...how can i repay you?!?!?!?
  13. how exactly are 401k's and 403b's hiding fees? are they not disclosed in the prospectus(es). if clients do not take the time to read ares that they are concerned with, how is it that it is the fund companies are at fault. example, you buy a car sight unseen, not knowing mileage, vehicle history, etc...then when it breaks down you are upset that the dealer would do such a thing. seems like the same to me. bottom line, we americans are quickly to put blame and resposibility on others rather than taking it on ourselves. now the people in here are wiser than your average investor and have taken on this task, but should we start condemening everyone in the investment./commission world? I think not.
  14. deatil gal, looks like you started something you dont want to finish. if you are not the expert, then leave it up to the experts on your investing. you see, you want it done for you but you want it done for free. typical, very typical! best of luck
  15. aaahhhhh, steve, caught in your own web of words. didnt you just state earlier tonight that past performance does not and never will dictate future performance? anyway, since my steelers arent in it, i dont care. just want to see some good comercials and hope that TO loses his ankle in the game. no, seriously! I really do sincerely hope that rodney harrison hits TO so hard that his ankle actually gets seperated from his leg. that would beat janet jackson's nipple any old day of the week!
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