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  1. I am at a small non-profit university (currently about 125 employees). We have TIAA-CREF as our 403(b) vendor, and there is interest in having another additional vendor (Fidelity). I want to be fully prepared to address any concerns that there may be at my institution regarding the addition of second vendor. Towards this end does anyone foresee any major hurdles that my make administrators leery of establishing Fidelity as vendor too? I have talked with Fidelity and their requirements appear quite straightforward: a. Minimum of 10 participants (total for 403(b) and Roth 403(b)) b. Minimum of $250,000 (total for all 403(b) plus Roth 403(b) participants) c. Electronic remittance d. ISA (information sharing agreement) My concern is that the plan TIAA-CREF has with my institution may have something in it that makes it difficult to establish a second, competing vendor such as Fidelity. Any thoughts are very much appreciated. Spart
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