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  1. Yes that is the simple answer...... Even though the employer sponsors it, its not ike a 401k and there are company matches. It just my money.... I get your point. And true it is!! Simple answer is because it is an employer sponsored plan, not an individual plan.
  2. Joel... Sorry I didn't reply. It was a lot to digest and as true as can be!!! Not being in the NEA what can we do about it? Why can't I do it myself on a weekly basis.. Why does a company have to handle this. If we can set up our own IRA's and Roth IRA's when will the ability to run my own 457 come??
  3. Gerry, Who did you speak with at Fidelity?
  4. Hey engine 66.... I am a NJ FF also.. I also invest in nationwide. No fees? I find that hard to believe. How did you get them to change? There lowest fee in our town is .60 plus the cost of the fund. Nothing is less than 1%. I'm trying to find a company to come in so we can all change. Most guys are ignorant to the fees b/c they are hidden so well by Nationwide. Stay safe...
  5. I'm a NJ municipal employee currently enrolled in a 457 plan run by Nationwide. The town also uses Valic. Both charge high fees. .60-.90% plus the cost of the fund. (anywhere from .5 to 1.3%). I used to Vanguard funds charging less than .5%. Can someone recommend a company whose fees are lower? I tried contacting company's directly fidelity/Vanguard/ Tiaa-Cref . etc It seems like no one deals with NJ 457 Plans.. Any info would be great. The town is willing to change to another company butI can't even recommend one!! Please feel free to contact me directly johndeg1@aol.com or post to the board for all to see
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